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Drake Makes Surprise Visit At Miami High School To Shoot ‘God’s Plan’ Video

Drake Miami High School  school visit
Drake has make more notice about his upcoming video  ‘God’s Plan’. Not only that but the singer/Rapper took a walk at Miami High School To Shoot and even dropping some dollars for the school about $25,Thousand. ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake debuted No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 for this year.

Drake has always been the artist who cares for students and he also wish to be there for them.Again he came on Monday for the students in Miami High School with a great surprise and with awareness of anybody at there.Drake Shooting his New Song Video was not only a surprise but during the event his contribution to the school was also astonished.
Drake has made part of his New Video ‘God’s Plan’ to appear on to surface on Miami High School which he did filmed.He gave out $25,000 and also made a promise to them that he will help the school to redesign the school below.

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