Chris Brown Regretting why Wishing Rihanna a Happy Birthday ?

Chris Brown Regretting why Wishing Rihanna a Happy Birthday
What's this story all about,haven't we heard enough with Chris Brown and long term ex lover whose name is Rihanna.OK,previously on Top,three American Top-stars was seeing comparing by fans to that extent Rihanna,Beyonce and Bruno Mars stalking on Chris Brown asking why is he touring with this listed Top-stars.Some even go along way slamming on Chris Brown Comparing his and Bruno Mars,tell him he is a small artist to those three Hip Stars.Our Previous Post made us to know that Chris Brown Fans come for his defense.Although one fans praise Breezy as the King of R& can read the full post.

Now a new silent has break itself with the same celebrities Chris Brown and Rihanna.We all know that Rihanna celebrated her birthday recently and what silent are fans trying to leap out.They has condemn Breezy again after most of them landed with annoying juggernaut on Chris Brown.Sometime Chris Brown might be regretting his action specially when it comes to Rihnaan.You remember last with Chris Brown and Rihanna,same Breezy narrated some stories about him and Rihanna but that wasn't a clear enough to prove how he love Riri (Rihanna).

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Coming to think of Rihanna and her new boy,Chris has always be the predecessors but since he breakup with her things get tougher.A post has surfaced on Social Media probably that was a happy birthday wish from Chris Brown to his ex lover Rihann.Chris Brown Happy Birthday wish to Rihanna was seen yesterday with a caption that reads HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIHANNA.Well that's pretty but there was scupper from fans causing some nasty traffic on Chris Brown.see below.

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The above post might irritate some fans both Chris Brown fans and also Rihanna fans.Many fans are blaming him for saying a happy birthday to the Man Down singer while his fans keep wondering.Some post that appears on social media might be nagging on Chris Brown for setting out that Catch off guard.Most of the social post which we have received has convinced us that fans from Rihanna want no relationship or dating from Chris Brown to Rihanna.Now after the above caption from Chris,many of Rhanna fans went down in a constant action,exercising their anger on Chris Brown.

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“Leave her alone” as one fan from Rihanna wrote,after this another fan straightly added The Audacity.“Rihanna never deed out any bad feeling to Chris Brown but the fact is that the both has not talked to each other”. as source told us.Some other post that appears on twitter also show reaction about Chris Brown Happy Birthday To Rihanna.

“Chris Brown fans really want us to forgive his woman beating ass. Domestic abuse ISNT a mistake it’s a CONSCIOUS choice. Rihanna going back to him didn’t excuse his behavior as most domestic abuse victims do it continuously. He was cancelled after that & always will be”.

While many fans continue to render respective reputation,some also see his as one of the artist that involved himself on bad history,meanwhile Chris Brown issue with Rihanna is just a dog and rat quarrel.

“Chris Brown fans still think ppl dislike him only for the Rihanna issue as if he doesn’t have an history of being aggressive verbally etc and is an unapologetic cheater”.someone posted on twitter.

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Rihanna celebrated her 30TH birthday which most of Top stars did along with her.Chris Brown on the same line is facing a very big hogwash following the misdemeanor which him and Rihanns has encountered in the past years.As we said earlier,some people hate Chris Brown because his breakup with Rihanna while some seeing the Loyal singer as bad R&B in this generation.If you are to judge this captions from fans and what Chris Brown did to Rihanna,what are you going to say?.
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