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Cardi b Bounce Back On Tami Roman After Gossiping

Cardi b Bounce  Back On Tami Roman After Gossiping
Cardi B feels irradiated after Tami Roman stalk about her.Ok,but what's Tami Roman is say about Cardi b,and why is cardi b feels bad for her in the most case.Pregnancy or no pregnancy we all don't know all we peek on social was something that Cardi regarded as a slam although Tami Roman intention seem clear enough but Cardi took it special.

“I really like Cardi am a fan of hers I think that she is funny and all and I met her on the red carpet one time and I told her that I was proud of what she was doing and that hasn’t changed,”   Tami Roman add up after seeing the Cardi in one of her show speculating that she looks pregnant.

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Well, Tami Roman and Cardi b has never had a bad time even in second and Tami Roman also prove above that she's a real fan of cardi but what's going on.She's not trying to favour anybody but she feels like say such.She continue by adding again,

“Don’t come for me Cardi because this is just my opinion and it matters to nobody but me,” she continues. “So let me state my opinion and its all in love. On the picture, you look pregnant. Now I know you said that you’re just getting fat and that’s okay too but am just saying it looked pregnant, that pregnant lady belly that’s what it looks like about two-three months I don’t know… Just make the announcement.”

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What do you think about this,do you think she's intentionally try to run a hogwash about Cardi because Cardi b herself also reflect back concerning about what Tami Roman said.See below from Cardi b IG.
Cardi b vs Tami Roman
What do you think.

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