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COLLEGROVE II: 2 Chainz's Second Album with Lil Wayne

COLLEGROVE II: 2 Chainz's Second Album with Lil Wayne
2 Chance and Lil Wayne seem going to drop another album very soon after the first part of their Joint surfaced on last two years been 2016.Their last joint work features with cool and hit Music and many of their fans Download the Album in zip that comes with those tracks they teamed with.

Now it looks like we will be listening to a new collaboration with Lil Wayne and the Atlanta rapper (2 Chainz) following his post on social media (Instagram). The previous album which we downloaded last two years is called COLLEGROVE I probably if they are coming for another joint that might be with the same name but as part COLLEGROVE I II.

On his post captioning, Me and My Brother Gotta Another 1 On The Way.With all reputation from their fans on social media we already think that COLLEGROVE II is steaming with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.Well,it sounds no miff that the Mirror singer and hairweavekiller are linking up again beside we 13 songs of experience on COLLEGROVE I so lets keep more alert for more songs in their second album.

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