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Hello Hip-Hop,i guess you do enjoy this post (Top Leading Music Apps For Your Hip-Hop) if you are missing this i think you might also be missing (One Of The Best DJ Mixer For Your Music ) but if you have been following up this post is another tech for you.Today lets discuss How You Can Setup A Good Studio For Producing and Other things that you ever needs in Studio.

Setting up a good Music Studio/equipment is one of the best thing you need to have as a convey and as a main point you are into a Music business.Studio Equipment are those electrical and off mode instrument that enables you do more Sounds,Visual and more of them all.So in this most we are going to suggest Studio Equipment and not only that,software you needed in your studio as well.

Producing a good sounds on a electrical instrument worth a lot and in this new developed century.Music producing is now a way of carrying Hip-Hop Music into a spearhead that shows how it been done with a electrical instrument unlike the early era where people use a customize wood as a band.

Electrical Music Instrument are those things that made up the studio and they are those tools that gives the studio a good shape of producing good sounds.Lets recommend a good things that will give you a good producing features in Music while working in studio.Below are the best studio tools/equipment you need to be more creative but for now we are taking about four best studio tools/equipment.


You know what this means and you also stays with it always.But here we are not suggest all Monitor/Computer to you as a producer.Can we just suggest one for you without a despair.Asus ROG can give you all you ever want,
the best laptop for workong on studio

Recording With Laptop

Asus ROG Computer has been ranked as one of the best monitor in Music Production.With Asus ROG features you can carry a lot work that will definitely surprise your production (You).it makes the hardware more soft unlike Apple MacBook Pro and others.Asus ROG was founded by TID HSU during the year 2001.So for you to make more great work in your studio you need this Monitor.This Laptop has that capacity to work with you and if you have not use it before guess this post is a good guide for to give it a trial.But If you are still enjoying Asus but have not get know about the new brand you can navigate to their official Asus website for more information.

Nice Recorder (DAW)

What has been your aim in recording a music for your client.every artist need this and as a producer you need this more than then because not all musician can produce rather they come to you for a help which you will bill them as for your handwork.
Cakewalk sonar for recording

Cakewalk sonar for recording

After a post online suggested for us since last three years about the best recording program that will suit the studio,i think their guidelines has been helping a lot.Not only me but other producers.DAW recorder is one of the leading program that can implement your effort to a glory.Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) are many but we can only say sonar for recording is the best for you.This program is developed by Cakewalk and you can check out more on there site.This DAW is great for you and you need it indeed.But what if you decide to talk a new chance by check on the below list.You can as well check on them like,

Types Of DAW For Music Recording

The above listed are the best recording DAW but you can also check out for more Top 10 DAW which you might also like.So i will be more happier if you chose any one of this specially the Sonar and we are as well expecting your feedback about this.

Audio Interface/Types and Price

Audio Usb Interface

USB and Control Audio Interface

Setting up a Studio
with it equipment is highly expensive this time around and the only problem that most of the upcoming producers are getting this days is how they are facing the market price.Like seriously you need more capital to setup a business and that's has been the reason why we are referring it in by your studio Equipment/tools.

There's Audio Interface,Types we are going to recommend for you here on Top today.Below are the Interface for you to get.

  • ID Boxes
  • Mic Preamps
  • Headphone Amps
  • Monitor Management
Keep in touch while we update more about studio equipment For Hip-Hop.
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