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Nicki Minaj - "The Queen Of New York" - Nas

Nicki Minaj - "The Queen Of New York" - Nas

Nas Wishes Nicki Minaj A Happy Birthday,Calling Her The Queen Of New York City.

HNHH-Nas is taking over from Meek Mill since Nicki and probation rapper got split of.However,as hotnewhiphop report that New Yorkers get real touchy when people decide to claim a position of royalty in the city, as they should. New York City has a rich history and on top of that, it's a huge metropolitan that includes several major boroughs. In addition, there's been legends that came out of the city for several decades so claiming King or Queen of the city usually ruffles some feathers, depending on who you are. As Nicki Minaj celebrates her 35th birthday today, Nas took the opportunity to dub her as royalty of the city while wishing her a happy birthday.See Below post.

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