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Meek Mill - Refuses to Record With Judge

Meek Mill - Refuses to Record With Judge

Meek Mill Never Told Reason Why He Ditch Out Conversations With Judge In FBI Investigation

Meek Mill might have drop a secret on judge who he alleges has it out for him, but the plan ended when the FBI asked him to wear a wire and record their conversations.Following the new report from Inquirer,Meek who asked the Feds to look into Judge Genece E. Brinkley, last year, after claiming she had tried to extort him for favors and kept revoking his probation as a result of his refusal to play ball. The FBI later approached the currently-incarcerated rapper about wearing a wire and recording conversations with Brinkley, but Meek refused to cooperate and the inquiry ended.Brinkley has been a focal point of Meek Mill supporters, as Meek and his lawyers continue to paint her as a woman with a vendetta.

Most recently, #Cut50 and Color of Change called for an ethics investigation into Brinkley, who they claim failed to file accurate financial disclosure forms.Meek, who was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating his probation, is currently facing an uphill battle. His recent request for a bail hearing was denied by Judge Brinkley earlier this week.

His lawyers have filed a new motion with Superior Court, in hopes to get the initial denial overruled as Thetopstars also report yesterday.The MMG rapper was recently visited by Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid. “First of all, it was scary,” Embiid told NBC's Philadelphia outlet at the time. “I’m never going to jail. I got into that place and I was pretty scared. I just wanted to go out there, support him, pretty good friend of mine. So I just wanted to go out there, show him some support and let him know that we’re behind him. There was a little bit of injustice there so I just wanted to go out there with whoever I was to show him the support,” he added.Meek has been assigned a kitchen job in SCI Chester in Pennsylvania, where he is currently being housed.z

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