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Gucci Mane – Peepin Out The Blinds

Gucci Mane – Peepin Out The Blinds

Download - Gucci Mane – Peepin Out The Blinds

Let's peep in to one of the tracks which Mane is going to be giving to us, remember that this guy Gucci Mane has drooped about two albums this year and he also promise to do more of album which means that he working on an album which has started already.Gucci revealed the cover art that will grace his upcoming project El Gato The Human Glacier. With his face etched into the side of the titular ice formation, at no point in his career has the rapper been more icy than he is now. The album is set to drop on December 22nd, giving fans of his the chance to cop some new music to liven up those drives back and forth to different holiday dinners.Share and download with us.


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