Cardi b Reviewed How She Meet Nicki Minaj In "MotorSport"

Cardi b Reviewed How She Meet Nicki Minaj In "MotorSport"
“I spoke to her before, I saw her in person before,” Cardi replied. “We spoke about things,” she continued, somewhat awkwardly. “I don’t like getting into detail,” she said, before Norte interrupted her.complex.

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"Well, when I heard the track, her verse wasn't finished," Cardi B said. "Or it's not the verse that's [on there] right now. And Quavo told me that to get on the song, and I just felt like it's a perfect opportunity for me to be on a track that's big like them. Cause those are two big people, and I just started in the game. And I just know if I get on this record, it's gonna be crazy. Like, who doesn't want it?"as said to  Capital XTRA,

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