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Ace Hood – Be Calm MP3 Download

Ace Hood – Be Calm MP3 Download

Be Calm MP3 Download

He is trying all his possible best to make sure you know that he is back starting from the first time he stropped his first single that hit this year. Fans are still waiting for a new single from him but there's no secret that the  Rapper in They Said Lyrics is back with a new line called Be Calm.

Fans telling’ me to keep goin’ gotta stay true to my purpose,” raps Hood. “Seein’ n***as through a real lens, they tough guys on the surface.” Appropriately enough, Ace sounds notably calm on the record, which might be a little frustrating for those waiting for him to really spaz on a beat that undeniably calls for it. He does, however, kick things up in the third verse.Download This track and make sure you are one of those sharing this across the social media to get to his fans he cares for him.

Download - Be Calm MP3

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