Why Comparing C Ronaldo and Harry Kane

Why Comparing C Ronaldo and Harry Kane

Why are you guys comparing Ronaldo with Harry Kane,this issue of comparing players has spring out tiff between Messi and Ronaldo which keep hovering on daily basis now the media has it again but this time with Ronldo with Harry Kane although Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has slammed the subsequent on a misdemeanor that fans attempting to pull out a new contradicting the pundit about C Ronaldo and Harry Kane so Roy Hodgson is seeing this as a controversial which shouldn't be talk about.

Last Wednesday has mark as one of the time C Ronaldo and Harry Kane bounce in their Juggernaut in the battle but Harry Kane was favored in his club Tottenham by 3 goals which they use to over take the white and white (Real Madrid) players and C Ronaldo been present was defected which later rise to something with the England international being positively compared to the four-time Ballon d'Or winner in the process.

The above video from goal has explained with Kane's former England manager were he condemn the swirling about their recent match with Real Madrid.He stated by sentencing that Harry Kane can't be Ronaldo followed by Ronaldo can't be Lionel Messi and Messi can't be Gonzalo Higuain,as he differentiate the legends in the report he was sited with.

"You can't compare players. He plays like a centre-forward. A very, very good forward, but starting to say that he is number one in the world or number two in the world is a pointless exercise.What Do You Think,Share This
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