Jerry Lawler thinks Undertaker has more matches in him because he ‘looked too good’ at Survivor Series

undertaker coming back to Monday Night Raw  in January 25th
Another round for undertaker seem coming closer as people swirling that he look good to take a wwe round.WrestleMania is not the main objective that disclose taker is coming out but is also rumored that undertaker has new power full of potential to over come?.
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Undertake has take that time to fight in the past months.was it on April that he and Roman took a hot shell although it was extremely surprise that  Undertaker lost at WrestleMania for a second time.

We wonder that Undertaker has taken a break in the reign but is being speculating that he is coming out again after everyone thinks that he is off.Wwe new see this as retirement because Undertaker is already booked for the upcoming 25th Anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw in January.

Undertaker favorite people wonder it not even a couple of time thinking if he is coming back but the news already surfaced on comment that made Jerry Lawler hover a reply about the question in Undertaker domain.

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"I think he might have looked too good. I think when you get when you hang around or you show up and you look that good, they in the WWE, they're ready for you to come back. You know, closer to the time after WrestleMania and I think I said that I believe we've seen the last of Undertaker in the ring. Now, I’m going to I'm going to go back on my word. Just looking at him the other night, I think there's some more matches left in the Undertaker.”
Yeah, that sounds about right, at least as far as the insight into how those within WWE operate. Undertaker has been quoted as saying he would never want to let Vince McMahon down if the boss asked him to come back

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