Rihanna,Beyonce and Taylor Swift Battling In Lemon,Mi Gente and Ready For It-Who Rap The Best

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Topstars has taken time to observe this most noticeable line between Rihanna,Beyonce and Taylor Swift.This Trio kicking their hit tracks which we observe them rapping and we think that this is a rap battle from respective single which some of them act like a gust Pop stars,like Lemon,Mi Gente and Ready For It.

This tracks is just a vibes that fans keep listening to and recall when Beyonce who got featured on Mi Gente and listening to that track there's a rap lines that hits on the single likewise Rihanna with Lemon and also Ready For It by Taylor Swift.This Female Pop stars-stars with this singles but all attempting a rap line on there track.

What are you talking about the rap attempts from this Top-Stars ,who kill it most and what made it more convince that either Rihanna with Lemon,Beyonce with Mi Gente and Taylor Swift with Ready For It,rapped according to the exact expectation.Following a post published earlier,pointing that Queen B is good in her lines on Mi Gente.Mi Gente surfaced here on Topstars with it version and the viral video that also surfaced on YouTube has always unveil that there's no secret with Beyonce rapping in a new lines that show her perfection since this annual.

Ever since her 1992 appearance with “the hip-hop rappin’ Girls Tyme” on Star Search, her flow in the MTV produced hip-hop version of the opera Carmen, and the development of her lyrical bravado on tracks such as “Kitty Kat,” “Diva”, and “***Flawless,” we’ve been given a long time to become acquainted with Beyoncé’s rhyming skills. The article describeds her style as consisting of “big gestures, freewheeling rhyme schemes, all swagger, slow-flowing her way through line readings of her impressive resumé.”as the site told.

Beyonce has ever drean to be a rapper like Nicki Minaj who Dreamed to be an actress yet finding extremely difficult yet landed to the one of the rap queen in the world today.Beyonce just pop up her rap skills on Mi Gente and we all should agreed that she can do much better than that.

As For Rihanna,just same this year that Rihanna shown us that she can rap at least we gat that back of 13 times that Rihanna has proven that she can kill it when it comes to rap battle.Now the singer has remind us againg that she can rap by following up a new line in this new single called N.E.R.D.Rihanna is not new when talking about rape i she can prove it right by defending it.Below you can also listen to this track from Rihanna where she has made us to trust her.

According to a report from Nielsen Music, 2017 marks the first time the combined genre of R&B and hip hop top the charts as the most consumed genre of music in the United States. Even when a bandwagonner like Taylor Swift is attempting—much to critics’ chagrin—to get in on the action, there is no turning back on recognizing this trend.

This collapse of any sort of division between the genres of contemporary pop and rap is inevitable; hip-hop is pop music at this point, and the only thing listeners have left to do is to stay on the lookout for which pop star hops on the trend next.What do you think share this post to get more information and also see which your friends are capable of donating.

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