T-Pain To Battle Lil Wayne For ‘Tha Carter III’

T-Pain Suing Lil Wayne Over ‘Tha Carter III’
Lil Wayne might be battling with but  there's still some part he should face.The Carter III has made T-Pain to remember Lil Wayne after the collaborate in the year 2000 and made that name.During that time 2000 post online made known that T-Pain and Lil Way were the Key smasher,they hits dopes together as the case may be so far.

Now What is the main problem of this post trying to let us know,according from source,Lil Wayne been Collaborated with T-Pain,he's yet to pay for some acclaims which is result to the suing from T-Pain to Lil Wayne.But Why is Lil Wayne is been sue by T-Pain,Just because the the Nappy Boy crooner claims he has yet to be paid for some of them.

It No funny that Lil Wayne and T-Pain has work that assiduously just in the pass the T-Pain is back to claim that Weezy is owning him that ransom Dos which he is yet be paid and T-Pain Production seem not to give a dem chance to wait for that long time for him (Lil Wayne) to pay off the debts that he own for the decade.According to TMZ Lil Wayne is Owning T-Pain about $500,000.

Why the money rise up like this aiming at Lil Wayne is for the pass years Lil Wayne and T-Pain teamed up just to bring ‘Tha Carter III’ to that better level that everybody needs and of cus Lil Wayne should acknowledge that ‘Tha Carter III’ has a lot a lot of contribution from T-Pain which made it to excel to should be expected although it do,all this happening during the year 2000 to 2008.

There's many things that T-Pain pointed over Lil Wayne,he also said that some of the tracks in ‘Tha Carter III’ is produced by him.Some of the track which he mentioned is “Got Money''.He also leap out bouncing on Lil Wayne ‘Tha Carter IV' stating that one of his artist produced “How To Hate” on Wayne’s Tha Carter IV.You can watch them below on YouTube.

T-Pain claims that he is not mistaking if sit to request for his own share from Lil Wayne after he sold the ‘Tha Carter III’ more than double times in US with that lucrative amount of 3.2 million copies in the US alone.The singer just need his money from Lil Wayne and Young Money for participating with they back in the years and he hope that all went well during those days.

Lil Wayne sued Brian ‘Birdman’ Williams for $51 million in 2015 accusing Cash Money records of violating his deal and delaying his Carter V album.Lil Wayne is still on feud with Birdman but are still waiting to their responds.Birdman previously war those who are sighting to his problem with Lil Wayne and warn them to stay off which Rick Rose responded by telling his to pay Lil Wayne.Share this post across to get to most fans.

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