Selena Gomez Debuts Puma Campaign for Phenom Shoes

Puma Campaign with Gomez
Gomez is still running her contract with Puma Company yet she can still cop with her ex and the new re-ex Justin Bieber.Previously on Top She took her first action on The Weeknd after we see her Unfollows The Weeknd On her IG Account.

Selena Gomez Joins Rihanna On Puma Deal-She Signed $30 Million Deal With Puma

The Fetch Singer once told that she's coming for a new Camp with Puma Company after she reviewed her partnership with Puma.Then during this same year she also said that she's teaming up a campaign and currently she has started the work and also see her sharing some overview Phenom Shoes IG account.

Why Selena Gomez Needs Justine Beiber

Adidas talked about gomez

                                                              Adidas reveals Selena Gomez
The Campaign has stared as we said and the reconcile singer and the Company made it official by sharing on their respective IG account but the singer unveiled that she's happy to share this to all fans.

You can also see it official the Puma Official website where information is been detailed for a purchase.How much is the Phenom Shoes,the Phenom Shoes is made available at the site with the purchasing rate of 90$
at Lady Footlocker, Finish Line, Bloomingdales and the site itself.

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