Remy Ma & Lil Kim Team Up On ‘Wake Me Up’

 ‘Wake Me Up’
As most fans says that Remy Ma is coming for Nicki Minaj on a new hot track although it might not be a biss rec but should be a battle of raps in the rap-house.Nicki Minaj is coming for 2018 tour which told us earlier during an interview but this diva might also kiting for new show and which she has starting ahead of the time.

Remy Ma got a new deal with a multi million dollar deal with Columbia Records though the report was hated here on Top but her new team up has leap out the most awareness that made us to talk about her upcoming single with Lil Kim.

Her recent dollar contract was once hit on IG from beller where we saw the new contract deal with Columbia records.While the entertainment records suit her we also want to announce her new upcoming ‘Wake Me Up’ with Lil Kim.

TMZ also remind this new upcoming from Remy ma reporting the titled of her next track featuring Lil Kim one of her close friend but they pair divas later surprise us with a new shot video.Thinking about this upcoming track from Remy Ma and Lil Kim what do you think,what are you expecting in the track.

As for now we can't believe is folk of diss that aim on Nicki Minaj after some swirling that they are stalking about Nicki Minaj on the new to fall ‘Wake Me Up’.Post online also disclosed this as a diss track that Nicki Minaj is going to face again after her encounter with Remy Ma with her No Fraud and Shether.

The track from Remy Ma and Lil Kim is hot as most people has started testifying after the track was first played at Breakfast Club on Power 105 just today and you also get t it listen up here on Top but in a snippet.The as a snippet shouldn't suite you for listening but all but promise you get what they are trying to say in the of two veteran below

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim as created that history of feud that keep springing and spring even to that extent Remy joined to force against Nicki Minaj.You can also re-watch the track diss video from Remy ma and Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne - No Frauds

Remy Ma "shETHER "

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