Remy ma and Lil Kim Drops Wake Me Up Video

Remy ma and Lil Kim video
A directed video  Eif  Rivera has surfaced again with Remy ma and Lil Kim.Previously about this name Wake Me Up show up with non-visual but as thing goes around Lil Kim has to made up her mind in collaborating With Rem ma In the same Music but this time let's talk about the video.Wake Me Up was made downloadable here on Top after they teamed it up which many says the track is a is a diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj.

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This track never aimed at any one as the pair claimed so follow the swirling that being rumored around.The fact is that,if there should be a current reference between Remy,Lil Kim aiming at Nicki Minaj i think by there should be a revenge from Nicki Minaj.Again,as the video appears online i will go a long way to tell more about the two persons fight one person in the Hip-Hop generation which has felony called diss.

Billboard has taken time to narrated the fashion Remy Ma and Lil Kim embedded on the video although it never late for you to watch it here on Top.There's something you need to know also,you remember Rem Ma album, 7 Winters & 6 Summers which she announced on Nov.8,is clear that the album is the fourth coming project from her and while she work on it Wake Me Up has debuted the first track in the upcoming album.

Bringing her new signed record with Colombia Record,Wake Me Up and 7 Winters & 6 Summers as a whole is new project work she's contributing to the record and there's no secret that she will continue to drop more Music till this year totally went off.Remy Ma and Lil Kim always speak for themselves and they help each other to avoid an adrift as a nasty in encounter in their Career.

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She also took time to talk about Lil Kim telling Zune some real about her.Remy Ma and Kim has that snuggle about each but Remy has prove without despair that Kim is her legend in Hip-Hop and saluted her with explicit where she told Zune that,

“I wanted to pay homage to Kim,” Remy said. “I feel like she is the Madonna of the hip-hop world. Her style is iconic and I wanted to pay homage to that. I was like, ‘I want you on this record, but I want you to just be Kim. I want you to be the girl that was squatting down in a leopard thong.'” she Said to Zune.

Remy deed out the meaning behind her album title, saying it's a reference to her time in prison. "I couldn't fathom counting in years," she said. "So, if I would look out the window and the trees were green, and say it was 2012, I knew I got three more summers to go."Share with Us Now to reach her fans on Media.Below you can watch Wake Me Up Remy Ft Lil Kim

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