One Of the Celebrity Who Don't Need Condom

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This has been a raw from one of online broadcaster implementing it news that reads Cardi B Admits She Never Uses Condoms.It might be that Cardi B is proving her sexual encounter,how she do roll when sucking of banana of a single yellow.Just during a while of interview sited with Rolling Stone disclosing relentless measure about her newfound fame and success, fans fueling imaginary female rap beef, her still fresh romance with her fiance, Migos member Offset and much more,as source reported.

During the subsequent interview verging beyond her feels about condom which made most fans run a solo slam though aimed on Cardi B for thrusting that she doesn't use condoms,as she rises her emphasis to Rolling.See below extracted written broadcast from the source.

"She finds a cleanser she can deal with and hops into the shower, before slipping into a bright-red spacesuit-inspired Milano di Rouge jumpsuit, complete with a yellow patch that reads "Safe sex saves lives," part of the designer's anti-HIV initiative. She glances at it and arches her eyebrows. "Girl," she says, "I don't even use a condom."

But it never sounds that hogwash to most,but this time it clangs negatively that some fans followed this post that hits estrange may be to Cardi B.below is some subtext obtained from that reads,

  1. Just plain ole' nasty. Why would she live like that, and more-so why would she tell the world? Why would Offset wife this thot?
  2. She from the Bronx so I'm not surprised.
  3. This whole thing is ridiculous. She's a female clown yo. What are we thinking? Fake body, fake rhymes that somebody from down south obviously wrote, fake everything. On top of all that she has NO CLASS. To finish it up she is running a close race with Iggy on the appropriating tip. She is not a black chick from Atlanta.
  4. Nasty!! She sounds like she proud of it!! You gotta be stupid to run into her raw with no mask!!
  5. As long as she pass the aids and std test before you raw dawg.
  6. If she only funking with the rapper dude and he is only funking with her, why should we care if they use protection. Now is she is saying she never used them in the past with anyone, get her outta here. Because she’s a former stripper and we all know the majority of them prostitute on the side
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