Nicki Minaj Needs To Answer This Question On Motorsport Music BTS - Why

Nicki in "MotorSport" BTS Video
Nicki Minaj is riding it again on what looks extremely suspicious about her and Cardi B.The video of  Motorsport Music surfaced but what happened to Nicki Minaj not  in the video.A lot of speculation has went more forward to tell it as fact that Nicki Minaj try avoiding Cardi b in the Motorsports video and it continue to rise.

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Even in the previous audio where we saw the clang on the track but they added they never diss each other as Nicki and Cardi d told previously.We heard them confessing about the swirling that debut online after the track was featured Migos and having  Cardi b and Nicki Minaj as a guest rapper although this wasn't clear when watch there intention during there respective lines in the Motorsport Music.

Well is just a BTS that surfaced on last two day getting Migos and Cardi involved in the shooting as Migos share the short visual on social media to fans.Noticeably,it happened that Migos and Cardi are already getting things done for Motorsport Video as watching the  sneak  peek where Cardi and Migos demonstrating how the expectation of the move looks like.

Nicki not in the Motorsport Music Video,do you think that all is good as for now.Many new as asking why Nicki is not in the video rating it as a low poor peek if Nicki Minaj not in the upcoming visual that should be a hit to hit and fashion to fashion from Nicki,Cardi and Migos.They flaunts Cars and other interesting and attracting in BTS about a was practiced by Migos and Cardi b.

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If Nicki Minaj is not in the Music Video we think she need to tell us why she left the video empty because many seriously stalking she's the one everyone expecting in the video.Top is reporting and seeing this as another misdemeanor that might rise another internet speculation owning to what the people needs.

Questions are asking why Nicki is not in the Motorsport Music Video.We can't just conclude anything yet or may be she don't want to show up with her own BTS.However,you can watch the BTS video below and see more comment about it.
See the what fans are saying abut it after it show,just click on the photo to see in full screen
why nicki minaj not in motosports video

why nicki minaj not in motosports video

why nicki minaj not in motosports video

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