The Reason Why Mr P Is Doing This–Peter Psquare

mr p and rudeboy
Officially it surface on Top after the due brother finding it difficultly to push ruminates into the dispute which is resulting to a solo career.However,Mr P without no franchise from his formal crew known as P-Square records,in team with his brother Paul Okoye,he is move forward to run a LP in the near by future and erratically Mr P has set himself to that off-limit to his family Paul and Jude Okoye when talk about music business.

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Mr P thinks that nothing gonna leap out a reconciliation if not the respect is being given as required as one of the Nigeria online broadcast told.Mr P believes that his actions in P-square Rec in no situation result as   transgression in between them or the Rec itself.Now it clangs as split with a misdemeanor although many is getting it twisted about the dispute that landed as a juggernaut but Mr P continue to ignite it online via social media just to explain in more details.

If you can recall with Top,Psquare once nabbed it for the first time before they hit up the Bank alert meanwhile this not the first time we figured about their miff but now it seem that the feud between Peter Okoye 36,and Paul Okoye 36 is a relentless numeric figure that will no longer gat a new reconcile if only one thing can happen.

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As we said earlier,Peter Okoye obviously deeding it.he believes that there's something him,positively that going to bring joy to him and his family in particular and he claimed no havoc can stop him from accelerating from where he stop.

As source reached to us here on Top,Mr P with Nigeria
Inspiration 92.3 FM has detailed the tiff with him and the family.According to his emphasis,he mentioned many many things and also claimed not to find a convict may be against him but deeply talk about the family.Following his worlds,Mr P jab nobody,detest nobody when it comes to his some of the explicit contribution he gave out.
peter okoye new song for my headI’m not trying to break the family or make anyone look bad. I don’t hate anybody and I’m not trying to make my brothers feel bad. I wish everybody the best. Everybody is doing well now, let’s just keep it that way. I came out to sing alone to show people I can sing because if I hadn’t done so people will keep thinking otherwise. My mother, if she was alive, would have said we should remain together but not do music (business) together. I’m doing my best to settle with my family but they (family) are not ready. However, for the business aspect, I’m done.
What do you think?

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