From Jail, With Turkey: Crowds Gathering as Imprisoned Meek Mill Continues Thanksgiving Tradition in Philadelphia

Meek Mill Continues Thanksgiving Tradition in Philadelphia
It is a happy something seeing Meek Mill to continue to give out Turkey to his people but upon all the nasty contribution which the court shot to him the rapper is even going more distance just to make a difference despite he is facing his misdemeanor.

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This not the first time which we are seeing Meek Mill giving out Turkey to school and since the year of 2013 it always been good with elders of his community and now the rapper is standing that chance to do it again and again even following his probation that was on him.

During the Year of 200,Meek Mill stars this offer and is actually growing as expected.Yesterday it also surfaced Here on Top were we updated with Drake and Rick Ross where we see them happy for Meek Mill and Drake himself is also supporting the team FREE MEEK MILL.

Now there's still an interesting something for the people,i mean Meek Mill fans in Philadelphia.the good new is that as Meek Mill makes that a tradition,just this year about so many Turkey has been off to the street in approximately 1,000 turkeys is said to be distributed to in differences locations at least about four.

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As source this closed to us,The first batch of birds were given out at Moore's community organization, Unity in the Community, at Point Breeze Avenue and Dickinson Street, starting at 11 a.m.

philadelphia waiting for meek mill TurkeyMeek fans is already stand hard at Bible Way Baptist Church were it will first start and also North 52nd St.; 2 p.m. at Martin Luther King Recreation Center, 2101 Cecil B. Moore Ave.; and 3 p.m. at Strawberry Mansion Learning Center, Dauphin Street and North 30th Street.

Nothing is going bad about Meek and his Philadelphia,all are trying to get him out as we said and many of his supporters are working hard to set out more fondness which they gat for him.Meek is internationally a heavy known American artist as for the location and his recent encounter is becoming something everyone is talking about.

Free Meek MillFans,Jay z,Rick Ross and even Drake accept that word free.Injustice which bounce on the rapper is always regarded as a criminal act as Jay z recently disclosed to his.Free Mill is now becoming a slogan which all fans are try to addict to it.As you can see the photo,depict about how seriously they want this guy out. 
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