T-Pain & Chris Brown Team New Song ‘Classic You'

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Chris Brown released his album about few ago or let's called it a month.meanwhile he just link up with T-Pain.

T-Pain since this week has dropped many songs which surfaced here on Top with it download link.T-Pain has featured Ty Dolla $ign in a titled 2 Fine,featured Tiffany Even titled Textin My Ex and now he feature Chris Brown which is called ''Classic You''.

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All song in linked in his upcoming album ‘Oblivion' ans as for Classic You,you need to see Chris Brown and T-Pain making a holly sound in this track,it sound cool and is something that you all need to listen to.

“Ni**as hatin’ on your boy ’cause they know I got a winner,” he sings over auto-tune. “Got a winner and I get up in her, too hard / Good God, I be havin’ her for dinner / I wouldn’t have it any other way / Tell them ni**as they gon’ have to learn today.”

Chris Brown then followed up with his on line saying.

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“You might see my baby in the Wraith,” he sings. “Back seat pimpin’, ni**a, I gotta have a driver / Throwing money in the stripper face / Bring that bitch home, give that ass a couple dollars.”

The pair has made a linked collaboration in “Kiss Kiss,” “Bring It Back,” “Algo Me Gusta De Ti,” “Get Down,” “Look at Her Go,” “Best Love Song,” and “Freeze.”

You can stream Classic You from Chris Brown and T-Pain below

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