Kodak Black and Lil Wayne Tease New Music

Kodak Black and Lil Wayne Tease New Music
You Know most you have no notice that Kodak Black and Lil Wayne are coming to inspire us with a new studio work after the slam they shot each on social media specially Kodak Black.Kodak Black and Lil Wayne are not good friends as of before but even the feud about is still grow i think in this new tease music from Kodak Black,at least it has rise appetizer that you and me should enjoy soon.

No matter their fight on IG or wherever,they are good to welcome new track/single together which we called collaboration.Kodak Black also claimed some acclaim for Lil Wayne after he previews on Instagram account that Lil Wayne is such rapper that inspired him to get a track line and he is currently work with him for a new dope.

“Tunnel Vision” rapper admitted a collaboration was in the works, “I got a song with Wayne. I fuck with Wayne, he inspired me to write my first rap.”This nigger took it to one of his show where he introduce this track with a name.Kodak Black introduced a track without a name although as we said the track will feature Lil Wayne as a guest artist to Kodak Black.While in the show with some Djs,he allowed the track to play for some minute before the Dj leap it out.the track is a snippet so it has not be officially made true but Kodak Black claimed that the track is on the way to fall.

During the show of Kodak Black,Dj played the track just some minutes and some people at the venue already heard the track of the music as the DJ made it more clear that the track will officially come true from Kodak Black and Lil Wayne.“Y’all heard it first,” he said.we also got some post for you to listen to the upcoming song from Lil Wayne and Kodak Black.

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