Kevin Durant Knows What Meek Mill Is doing For Real

 Kevin Durant support meek mill
Kevin Durant is in about Meek Mill problem.Durant seem keeping silent about what's going on with Meek Mill and that doesn't mean that he gat nothing to say but he have to observe was truly wrong with Meek Probation which hit on the rapper.

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Although Kevin Durant might be standing for Meek Mill after Top sees him call Meek Mill issue as a fucking ridiculous and obviously that mean something to meanwhile he disclosed what the rapper is doing for himself.

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He told Mercury News, "You see what’s going on with Meek Mill right now, which is fucking ridiculous, and he’s actually doing something great with himself," KD says, referring to the justice system being seemingly inescapable for Black youth. "He’s helping people, he’s building a better life, he’s putting on a better life for him and his family, and you see how people do him. I started to pay attention to more and more things like that.",

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