Kai Prefers His Father Wayne Rooney to Barca

rooney and his son
He once played for Manchester United and he later sign in a new deal to Everton which he is accomplishing.Instagram has reacted about a new photo depicting Wayne Rooney and his son on a series of post which every one dropping his/her reputation after Kia the eight son wore it up a Barca jacket with it logo embedded on it.

This not twitter fans reacted but Instagram fans has dub it a name claiming the 32-year-old striker should switch over to Barca as his soon prefer him to the club.Most jab on the post with negative thought while some deed by saying

"Wow. Barca...Rooney go to Barca."

"Why you letting him wear that?"

Well,the eight years youthful some always want his father to play for FC barca which he has proven with his new jacket of Barca.Fans also wonder if Kai is trying to misogynistic on Everton or Man U the club which his father is current balling and his formal FC Man U.Kai most time leap out truce against his father in an indirect abrupt meanwhile this not the first time we are peeking on him,chaos his dad social media fans with an action that seem mascot.Just share this to keep the fun going

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