Is Obama Born In US as Trump Keep to Insisting

where is obama from
CNN has made us know that Donald Trump is still wondering if the formal president is a citizen of the country United State Of America.According to CNN,Donald Trump has spring up this question,asking and at the same wondering if has a birth certificate that aimed in United State.

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Following the above statement,source continue to highlight more impact,
Is Obama Born In US as Trump Keep to Insisting
The source said that shortly after he made the statement, Trump told aides that he would have done better in the polls had he continued to stand his ground on the birth certificate issue. Trump has continued to question the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate during private conversations in recent months.

Not only the site is saying the same,NYTIMES,as report that US senator quoted by the Times,saying

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nytim logo"who listened as the President revived his doubts" about the issue, "chuckled" when speaking about what was said. Trump "has had a hard time letting go of his claim that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States,"

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