Tucson Police Department Still Awake to Investigate Lil Peep's Death

about Lil Peep's Death
Investigations is still having the out warding regards,fans deeply crying about Lil Peep's Death.it sour them all as for the die hard fans.His death abrupt it occurrence yet that's not the why the police should slight the case.But Tucson Police Department is on work to see what really happened to  Lil Peep.

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Our co broadcaster TMZ,officially report that the Tucson Police Department are putting the assiduousness to find out what seem to be the cause his death with a hiatus after some troubling private messages seem to shed light on his alleged overdose.

following a screenshot of Twitter group chat, Mariah Bons who claims to have gone on Peep's bus to see him before he died. However, in the message, she claims that he was "passed the fuck out" during her time there.

The messages also display her saying that the rapper was "high af because of me and my friend," which indicates she may have given Peep drugs. She also allegedly texted that she tried to get Peep to talk to her brother on FaceTime, but he would not wake up at the time of the call.

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TOP believes  that Tucson Police Department on investigation into Lil Peep's death. "Our detectives are investigating this case, as the Tucson Police Department does for any suspicious death," Officer Chris Hawkins states in an email.

informations about Lil Peep death"While evidence at the scene and witness statements lead us to believe that Lil Peep died from an accidental overdose, we won't know for sure until autopsy and toxicology reports are released by the Pima County Office of Medical Examiner. Those reports will likely be at least another month from this time. We are aware of multiple tips and social media chatter claiming certain people are involved in some way in Lil Peep's death. Our detectives are investigating those leads at this time."

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