Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson Share a reconcile Photo with Vin

Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson Share a reconcile Photo with Vin
What we know about Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson was last time Tyrese Gibson strike at Dwayne Johnson for hating the Fast Movie but since then it never seem easy with they rather Tyrese team with Vin to headbutt at The Rock.Some series of caption was captured on IG following the suspension which gat the 'Fast and Furious' talking blaming The Rock for been the cause of the new installment of Fast Movie.You should know that it wasn't that easy during the time they are involved in the new feud.

We first saw Tyrese Gibson blaming Dwayne Johnson even calling him name and one of the thinks he called him was clown and threatening to leave "Fast and Furious and some fans also put blame on him and The Rock for the new hatred they are try to bring in Fast Furious Movie.Tyrese Gibson has also claimed that taking some action on Dwayne Johnson wasn't deed act but he forward it by saying that such thing won't happen again.

Now,most fans who are social engages will realize that Vin Diesel Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson no more quarreling but they have welcomed back the family of  "Fast and Furious'' because the photo posted on IG should be a witness after we peek smoothly were the trio stood on their feet Tyrese Gibson in the left hand side,Dwayne Johnson smiling in the middle of the pair while Vin Diesel on the right hand side if you are watch the photo.see below.

Following the IG post from Tyrese Gibson captioning wholeheartedly that he want us to know something which he already caption on the IG post.Trying to let us know that he gat that real Heart to Heart with one of Dewayne on the excerpt on Instagram.His post on instagram has also enlighten us about how Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson in the movie meanwhile the Fast and Furious is no more on clang sound.May be you like to read this below.
Want you guys to know I️ had a real Heart to Heart with one of Dewayne’s associates and this will be my last post about him........ I️ repeat my last.... I️ respect the associate who called.. My story will never change I️ was never DJ’s Co-Star... I’m Shayla’s Father first.... Justin Lin is back in the driver seat that’s exciting cause it going to feel like the true #FastFamily all over again..... When we see Justin we see Paul.....

But watching this post,you have to reason some part of this caption from Tyrese Gibson,he never to the respect directly to the forma wrestler but his regard was directly going to the family as a group of Fast and Furious.Some investigators has also claimed that Tyrese Gibson  not in a exert of apology give to Dwayne Johnson and they also put it to the public that they might ignite a new feud as time goes on.Share this post to the fans and to get they all informed.

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