Eminem’s ‘Revival’ Album May Have a New Release Date

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Eminem album is something fans are expecting to drop soon but after we hear walk on water were Eminam Featuring Beyonce surfaced last month the we are having a new direction which is telling that EM is hating the earlier date which he unveil to us.

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We have talked about Eminem album which we have already detailed some more information but everything is now having a separate ways.

Eminem Fourth coming has been official made to hit the upcoming season to fall,December is now a new schedule for the album to hit online.According to HITS Daily Double, Universal Music Group has moved around release schedules in order to prioritize projects from the label’s biggest stars. Because of the rearrangement, Em’s album is now apparently getting a new release date.

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UMG reportedly had artists Chris Stapleton and Luke Bryan arrange their albums to be released on Dec. 1 and Dec. 8. Now, it appears those release dates have now been given to U2 (Dec. 1) and Eminem (Dec. 8) respectively.

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