Drake ‘Basically Ghosted’ Bella Hadid and Are ‘No Longer Talking’

drake is no loger dating bella
In the earlier Run Top reported that they are dating during that it was just a hectic to believe and later we also heard that Drake and Bella are doing a party which we talked about. Now,is there's a new report that Drake and Bella are has that off-limit to themselves.

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What is the new story about,we wonder it earlier if this is truly but source has told us that they hated it after he Ghosted her.“Things ended over text when he basically ghosted her,” as source told Top.

Drake 31,and Bella Hadid the model hocked up but nothing serious has been made.officially they are just friends as of that time it was speculating around.OK,that how it was sound that they are dating however many source has pointed Drake and B are not serious yet.

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Now you know it that Drake and Bella are now going into separate ways then what else.Drake might be looking a new lover of his choice while Bella is reported peek on The Weekend who just switch over to Justin Bieber ex.

the weeknd sent a flawer to bellaMany new in celebrities world is becoming more interesting as The Weeknd was also reported sending a flower to Hadid.What dose that means,you should also recall that they once made a romantic before they split during the year 2016.

Gomez and Justin and The Weekned with Yovanna Ventura or may be Bella Hadid.There has any exchange of ex as we said between Justin Bieber and his Crew.

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