Cristiano Ronaldo Fails His Goal in top five leagues

Cristiano Ronaldo has worst strike rate in top five leagues

Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn't receive pit as this time now owing his unable to reach that expected goal ,we guess.Well,what might be the issue we are talking about.C.R.7 and his club Realmadrid FC are currently encountering some situation now.But Zinedine Zidane on side point,who is beating Cristiano Ronaldo with eight points adrift of rivals Barcelona having won just seven of their 11 games.

While talking about C.R.7 we all knew it that he is good in Champions League having scored about or more that 6 goals but when it come to La Liga goal,he might be convicted within himself because his has been counted as one he netted the goalkeeper. 

When it comes to Europe's five major leagues,are we to blame him of any guilty because Cristiano Ronaldo performance is extremely poor while others headbutt him with Top level goals and of course, not every player is taken into account with Opta's stats only including those with at least 10 shots.

Upon all shot so far from Cristiano Ronaldo with one goal in La Liga,he only stands to acquire  2.08 percent which is not encouraging to him though.Comparing Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo this time i think that's gonna sound some strange thing after seeing Messi with most shots across the top five leagues, scoring 12 times from a staggering 69 attempts on goal.

Following our previous post which reads Why Comparing C Ronaldo and Harry Kane.It was actually a bash but looking at the top five leagues,Tottenham's Harry Kane is next on the list, although he has only managed eight goals from his 59 shots while Cristiano Ronaldo still mange to maintain his single goal landing him to 2.08.what do you think.Share this to football lovers and see what they gonna say about this.

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