Can Floyd Mayweather Beat McGregor For Second Time-He Needs More Fight?

Floyd Mayweather Beat McGregor
This guy again talking about a new fight about all expecting him for retirement.In an interview with TMZ reporter,Floyd Mayweather feels he gat to fight more for the future after he headbutt the heal from his opponent following his fight that gave him a good prolific.

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How prepared is Floyd Mayweather to beat McGregor,no surprise and no wondering if he gonna be the main man in the boxing ring again.We can be able to count it for him if at all he coming for the second time jut to give a glimpse of his boxing shape against McGregor.

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However his interview with TMZ was kind of funny with his explanation showing how deed on McGregor,see below.

“He changed his style three times. The third time he went Mexican style with his hands, knuckles above the eyebrows, dipped in low and started walking forward,” McGregor said. “It’s a style of fighting that caught me off guard because he never fights like that. I did not prepare or anticipate it. Ultimately it got him the win. Much respect to him but it is what it is.” “If I got another go I would beat him.”

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