What Did Beyonce Said To Kim During Serena Williams Wedding

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Yeah you recall that the pair Top stars once attend the wedding of Serena Williams obviously we thought that everything went expected as for good.What happen to them seem in a silent mood but as far as there's insider,may be they have to notice what was going on in the wedding which Kim and Beyonce showed up.

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Now is not retract but if actually this swirling is true that means the family of Jay and Kanye are still practicing the miff feud that never seem ending.Source has disclosed that Beyonce was caught stalking against Kim,

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Bey and Kim were spotted mingling within the same crowds, but "there was no interaction [between them] at all." The source also alleged that the 36-year-old songstress was even heard saying the 37-year-old socialite/reality TV star "looked ridiculous" with her platinum blonde locks. "It got back to Kim and she thought Beyonce was just being a jealous hater," the source added.

Well,just in a moment that we also see Jay z been yesterday where he talked about him feud with Kanye West.reviewed that he had some conversation with Kanye west as he disclosed it to nytimes.

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