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Best Support From Rick Ross To Meek Mill

support meek mill
Our Celebrities are showing kindness to Meek Mill whom Jay z also support against his Miff court dosage.Best support to him,from Jay about seem that's just the beginning because another Hip-Hip star Rick Ross has set on catch off guard after Jay z leap out his own support to Meek Mill following the Juggernaut force from court bouncing on Meek about his violating probation.

The Philadelphia judge might be right but Jay z and Rick Ross is about to go beyond the charge made on Meek Mill the ex lover of Nicki.Our previous post has stated with deed of Meek Meek having fall into law about his actions which the court has flaw it on him yet he they made up mind to hit the dude with 2-4 years prison break๐Ÿ˜†.

Well,it happens that another news is igniting against Meek Mill court order after Jay z Support Meek.Rozay came on Social Media to claim a good MMG boss just on Nov.7 when he surfaced on IG, yeah he made it open to the publication following what he thinks is awful and trying to make his caption a scupper to favour Meek Mill.

"Tests are not for the faint at heart," Rick Ross penned in photo caption. “Every time an obstacle crosses his path, he fights his way through and comes out triumphant.”he captioned while leaving some praise to Meek.Pushing his emphasis about Meek Mill,he recall during those years,the 2009 year when he once saw him trying to refrain the same probation relating to a drug and gun charge.

“I've watched him 1st hand fight this unjust system for close to a decade,” he added. “But my dawg is a warrior! You know the family is already holding you down during this time of test. Here’s to the future! It will be BRIGHT!”
In more statement from BET,Meek was sentenced to prison due to prior arrests. Although both charges were dropped, the judge handling the sentence ruled that the artist had several chances to clean up his act following the 2009 case and failed to do so, The Guardian reports. Rick’s comments follow a number of rappers who spoke against Meek’s incarceration. T.I., YG, and more tweeted their support for the rapper. Jay-Z also posted a statement on Facebook, declaring the judge’s sentence to be “unjust and heavy handed.” Share this story

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