Taylor Swift gave incendiary Diss to Kanye West in New Lyrics

Taylor Swift gave incendiary Diss to Kanye West in New Lyrics
A new version of slam has surface on Kanye West whom we previously discussed about his his feud with Taylor.Following our subsequent that reads Look what You made me do which abrupt itself as a diss slam aimed on Kanye West and Taylor Swift has fired again in a new track called “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” make it a transcended feud hitting with a Juggernaut,bouncing it force on Kim husband which is Kanye West.

You do remember in the prior between Kanye West and Taylor Swift,she has once throw a diss rec after she decide to render convict on Kanye West following his first diss track that Kanye West took over her.Post online narrated the story which took place at Nashville Concert during his show and now the Look what you made me do singer is revenging it more than a couple of time in her era.

Her “Reputation” now on streaming yet many individual thinks that She will still come out to address the decade feud between her,Kanye West and his Wife.But something just happen,is Taylor Swift reminding to us with the awful feud with Kanye,did she put the dialogue beyond expectation.Well it seem a hogwash to most fans after she tool a new line in a track diss on Kanye West in a track called “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”.

I bet you with People,claiming that Taylor Swift is back again on her new track which is totally an incendiary to Kanye West.one of the things she thinks that's acting as a felony is that her reputation in “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” say he stabbed her on the back as her Lyrics tells us.This implies that Kanye West a crime on Taylor Swift.ready below.

"It was so nice being friends again/ where I was giving you a second chance/ but you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand,"What do you think.
During the year 2009,that's when the misdemeanor nabbed out with Kanye West.The MTV'S Video Music Award can prove that in an explicit were Kanye West thinks otherwise on Taylor Swift after she won instead of her wife.Kanye West further extend his reaction by stating that

“But I’m not the only friend you’ve lost lately / Mm mm / If only you weren’t so shady,”he added.Many online has reported it story about Taylor Swift and more source online has pointed that Taylor's I did Something Bad is also regarded as sharp blow to Kanye West or ex boyfriend Calvin Harris.If you love this story share it with us across.

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