50 Cent Mock Tyrese Gibson For Crying

Mock Tyrese Gibson
This is not a retract and seem this Fast and Furious co-actor meant what he is crying for and he Chatter it up in an explicit,demonstrating his fuming while he expert his excerpt on a brief explanation about her daughter.Following his over stated comment,he leave everyone astonished claiming that he has no money and make it noted that even Will Smith was able to acknowledge the awkward moment while Curbing on the issue that made him to cry on social Media.

He sent me $5 million dollars (Will Smith) it seem that's not the major reason who was hog-washing as source told us.The internet gang stars don in by stating quarrels an upsetting this most people that fleet for Tyrese Gibson and 50 Cent see one of the trolls pushing a negative jab on Tyrese Gibson.

Waw he even took on one the popular social (Facebook) seeking for help,detailing what makes him to strife of anger and also point the moment he was by time it correct as it clocks 7am.You can just imagine his below emphasis for the post that surfaced in the past few days.
"It's almost 7am and I'm headed to court. I'm wearing these [Converse] Chuck Taylors as a silent protest," says Gibson. "For all the fathers that are in jail, just sitting in a f**king cage... You didn't do nothing and then there's some other men around your kids right now... Even if they try and take me out they will never be able to stop this video from being released."

Well this story clangs some how after source (TMZ) believes that Smith never sent him a dos but they regarded it as chaos about his mental well-being.That wasn't the right time but he forwarded his action on IG were many can see his feelings.saying "everyone" had turned on him but Optimus Prime still had "his back".

50 Cent who was also online bounce back on his Tyrese Gibson caption on Instagram making what seem nasty,"Wait so this fool just made some shit up - LOL," Power Holder added.50 Cent don't just hiatus over his comment but he then drop post on IG saying Will Smith respond to Tyrese Gibson,but he claimed that as a false coming from Tyrese Gibson.Lol what do you think,be among those sharing this....while you watch below.

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