Young Thug Is Regreting Why He Cheated fiance Jerrika Karlae-Take Me Back

thugger cheating
All victim has been accepted by Young Thug after he cheated on his girlfriend.the result of the encountering each other specially to Thugger has already lead to their split and now it seem the rapper is on regret with the Misdemeanor that he nabbed on her girl.about a day back Top update with the pair Lover were they deed out and refuting the problem between themselves.Jerrika Karlae has taken the subsequent occurrence with his Boi Thugger to eliminate their relationship following the nasty attitude she figured out on him.Although that's not a slight problem but Jerrika Karlae seem to run a solo in a relationship with Thugger.

Thinking of this,Young Thugger can't raise alarm to her fiance owing to the fact that he already accepted the thrust but it seem he experiencing his despair in getting Jerrika Karlae back in their relationship.Yesterday more than one female took it to IG to overshadow Thugger proving that he already spent some bed with them and that's the main reason everyone is blaming Thugger.

Now after all this Thugger is came back to pleading to Jerrika Karlae “Bae give me a chance I promise I won’t mess up no more,” Young Thug said. “Everybody tell her to give me one chance, tell her to give me one more chance and I promise I won’t mess up ever again. Thugger also said that it wasn’t his fault why he cheated and a lot of people used his phone. “It wasn’t even my fault man like six ni*** be using that phone man and all that stuff man,” he added.

Jerrika Karlae seem not ready to call off the situation as she continue to show up with women that Thugger nab some bed with.What do you think here?

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