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Nicki Minaj Uses iPhone
As a matter of fact,Topstars will continue to practice that sneak peek on those high profile celebrities because they are what we regard as influencers and people continue to embed their time just to nab the celebrities pleasure.Smartphone itself has bee over pumped by Celebrities and smartphone with it accessibility is a cellular telephone with integrated computer and other features.Some times when i think of celebrities phone what pop up my mind is iPhone.

We might over sight on this smartphone called iPhone,leaping it with 80% of what celebrities use.About six years ago a post with it details has spark it detailing about iPhone as the common phone for celebrities,but Top has some balk that aimed on iPhone.Being one of the popular world stars celebrities has a lot of perk entrance into the swankier clubs and parties.

It draw you to your adoring fans such that you keep spring out and depicting on daily basis just with smartphone,Now ,thinking of the south Korea Multinational conglomerate,(Samsung)they spy it more than positive and Negatively of what Smartphone mean to the high profile celebrities.According to the company,they caption it by saying celebrities are the influences meanwhile they knew what is right to their company and product for celebrities to run the experiment by using it of cus celebrities use Samsung Smartphone in all sort.

Top didn't prove it but basically it has been already ascertained that every Smartphone Manufacture strive to incorporate the best technological specification in their product ,as it was report by Cashify.If you no idea,smartphone like Samsung is designed to target celebrities in particular.One of the celebrities Ashley Lane once talked about celebrities and smartphone Samsung and also encourage celebrities to make Samsung usable.

As for iPhone,this is one of the profitable given to the company basis on it highly effective.It combine with iPod,a tablet PC and a digital camera (which drive everybody crazy) and a cellular phone.it has a high effective capability of doing something and that's why people mostly depend on it but celebrities does it better.Ten Months ago reminds us why celebrities use iPhone or why iPhone is more preferable unlike other phones.

Apple product is always bring out the best reason why stars seem to be without iPhone.what keep pushing everybody is not only the quality of image but the factor of differentiation.Below we are highlighting the reason why celebrities uses iPhone.

No.1.They Enjoy It At Any Event
:Celebrities like it most when ever they took their iPhone to any event.Not just that they can't get it ride off but they knew the imperfections of using any other phone rather iPhone.Actors and Actress enjoys iPhone during red-Capet specially when paparazzi is not around.One of the star who enjoys iPhone is.Nicki Minaj also gets that iPhone game and that has enable her to join the GLU mobile's rank.

No.2.It Built Entirely In House: According to todaysiphone,most of other smartphone makers only have to focus on one new design every 1-2 years unlike iPhone.In the earlier years not that beyond four years,most of the celebrities and world leaders was run that experiment,imposing their intention over some smartphone.In China and India,Top has recorded more than popular celebrities or people using Oppo smartphone.Oppo Chines smartphone is a relative new mobile brand in India.But the fact is that the cellular is in slowly growing in our country may be here in UK and USA.Oppo is not popular reorganized in US yet it continue to slow to that great expectation.

Blackberry is one of the US brand phone as of then.They use it to get email on a move and is still Obama's phone of choice.As for Donald Trump,he has been forced to hand over his old phone for a more secured device-which might make tweeting a little harder which is Samsung Galaxy.Since Donlad Trump was elected he has missed that opportunity of tweeting online just because of security.

The New York Time reports that America's 45 President have to hand over his old cell phone which he did and instead he has a new phone but in that smart in possession of a secure,encrypted device approved by the secrete service with a new number that few people posses.

Blackberry is one of the smartphone that celebrities and world leaders use.Donald Trump has likely been handed something similar to what Obama is running then,in terms of Phone.Donlad Trump has Told The New York Times that he may not be too happy about the situation,either.So World Leaders us Blackberry for internet access and email,telephone and text -message facilities.Is a Canadian Multinational company specializing in enterprise software and the internet of things.

Another cellular that we all should think of is Linux operating system.when it comes to that security which everyone are now considering to get involved to.Our celebrities can also needs this highly improvement and a better attitude towards privacy and open source.Linux operating system is there for us and to that extent of stars are now using it to over took security conscious over their personal life unlike the iPhone.The Company has also provides some of the necessary operating system that everyone who love their security and privacy can install,at least they made it three operating system.They are Ubuntu Touch by UB PORTS,Sailfish OS and Plasma Mobile.

Celebrities loves it and you can't imagine stars like,Nicki Minaj,Beyonce,Drake,Justin Bieber,Rihanna just to mention but many are good in using smartphone.They always want to be that relevancy .
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