Watch French Montana Shares His “Unforgettable” Uganda Experience in ‘My Project, Their Reality’ Short Film

Watch French Montana Shares His “Unforgettable” Uganda Experience
Which are you competing with French Montana “Unforgettable” ,this song is highly well organized which he team up with  Swae Lee and for the mp3 format it was that creepy as many complained about the track.However the track video of “Unforgettable” has already cover it party after it hits the best of Montana.

This song is also crowing like it will never get to it last stage but the video is nothing to be compare with and that what made it to over ride others in line.Talking about the the producer of this track,when he was asked about the real person that produce the track called unforgettable,it wasn't that easy that French Montana didn't disclose the producers of the track yet he said that

Um…kuh-ben, something. [To someone off camera] Could you give me his name, so I can give him his credit?
he said during the interview.the article also appears on spin, but Billboard might be leaking the producers name

Blow is that video that you need to watch.
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