Usher Is Pulling His Shoe For Those Victims At Sin City Concert-Las Vegas

Usher is coming for his own reason why we all should honor the massive people who was gun down in the sin city concert on Sunday.As many as continue to honor the death of those who attended the concert Usher is believes that he can still the same as others are contently doing at least we have report 15 celebrities  who have contributed to this nasty just to show their feels about this and they did pray for them all that depart from this earth on that very days it happens.

This news shouldn't be a new story for you all but we will continue to leap out that celebrity who is ready to demonstrate act in honoring Victims At Sin City Concert-Las Vegas.Well,according to Usher with his deepest feels,here is what he said

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“Music has always been a place we retreat to for love, for passion for honesty, we will not be in fear of things that happen," he told news show Extra while revealing his plans to stage a show to help the victims. “I am going to have a concert in Las Vegas very soon (and pay tribute to those who died). That is how you respond to adversity, that is how you respond to negativity - with love... My heart goes out to them… The war is on hatred. We are love and we have to be that collectively.” he said

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