Unnamed Track From Drake and Quavo Hits - Listen To Snippet Of the Song

Drake and Quavo new song
It has been that long that we heard from Drake,but here's another peek we are wondering if Drake is coming with new track.It hits online just few hours that Drake and Quavo are compiling a new track which surfaced untitled but fans are getting it busy to know if actually the track is coming real so as for now the new is still on a pending order.

On IG that this show up what actually going to happen if we do realize that this a new team work from Dreezy and Quavo.If were are also to follow are last update about Drake were we reported about him and Bella considering new date,we do understand that the one dance singer never disclosed in deets concerning any upcoming line but today it that electrifying seeing the new snippet Of the Song from the pair Hip-Hop stars.

Well,as the social Media has it so far,comment on this very post that surfaced on IG clanging who is the boss of the unnamed track.Drake is yet to say my new single is coming soon and Quavo himself never unveiled anything show he is the owner of the untitled track line but Top is just sighting on this and we will soon dub it if it finally has a tail from Drake and Quavo.

This song has to surfaced at the birthday party  were Drake recently Hosted an event and source already has that the track line which seem unclear was played over during the exit of the event.However,this track not considering to belong to Drake source told us and Drake himself is working with Migos for a pro.Play this below via IG.
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Source also bomber a report to pagesix making known that Drake and the Weeknd are igniting over Bella Handid whom we talked about earlier in this post.Drake and Bell spark once and has told the site that  Drake and The Weeknd are beefing over Bella Hadid after the disclosed some information saying
“They both hang in the same Toronto crew and now they’re having to pick sides. The Weeknd performed and people on Drake’s side were like, ‘I can’t show up to that . . . Got to have allegiance,’” an insider said. “They aren’t getting along right now . . . The groups are beefing because [Drake] broke the bro code. They 100 percent hooked up.”
as the source said to the site.What do you Think.

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