Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Baby Already Rejoicing With $70K

kylie Jenner new Photo
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are proving the parent care against Tyga and they are doing everything possible to keep the Baby for themselves.Since all this report about Tyga,Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Nobody knows how much the Baby already take following Kylie Jenner first Pregnancy.

Report will continue to has that new when it comes to Baby of Kylie and Travis Scott.Jenner especially is taking that full responsibility about her Baby to born and TMZ has report that she has spent that hast of $Dos for the Baby.

She has bought a high-end baby purchases on accessories and clothes for The Baby and yet she's still embarking to care for her Baby.She not that open to all sort of snap capture as source also told us that she's as well dogging the photographers from capturing her while she's on shopping for her Baby.

In summery of their expenses they has spent $70,000 just in the approximate about for now and they even going to do more as the baby arrive the world.What do you think?.

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