Lawyer:This Woman Might Be a Liar-She Claims That Nelly Raped Her With Out Condom

A lot of ransom report has hit on Nelly since a woman claims that she was rape in the rapper concert bus event in Washington.This new already appears on Top yesterday after a source told us more about this incident that Nelly is encountering with a woman who claims the nasty attitude.

According to report to took recently,the same woman is proving that the rapper has been on party with her to that extent he force her to have sex with him without condom,she said.We have followed the subsequent reaction from Nelly's Lawyer who condemn the emphasis the woman aiming on his client Nelly.He said that he will expose her for what she is ... a liar.
We've learned the 21-year-old Seattle resident claims she met Nelly at a club in Washington, where she and her friends drank
"It does not surprise me that she wanted to have her story publicized. That is playbook 101 of a person with an agenda and clearly she has one. The agenda is money, fame and notoriety."

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