The Question Is Still Under Fire-Is The Earth Flat-B.o.B. Believes It With A Prove Of $1M

Upon all research that has been made,science is still proving that the earth is not flat but today someone want to drag this drama of argument about the earth and it shape.You might believes in one or two ideas but this American rapper is not hiatus to believe yours.Well,B.O.B a.k.a Bobby Ray Simmons Jr is standing firm to give you some point about the earth and it's shape.This looks hogwash i guess that to you because you ought to wonder if this guy is a philanthropists but his emphasis is already made a campaign towards  GoFundMe initiative although the site is on hold owing to this ish.

"Although this campaign does not presently violate our terms of service, we have placed the campaign funds on hold while we work with the organizer to ensure funds are managed appropriately."
said a speaker form the site.

The statement continued, "GoFundMe is also an open platform, and ultimately it is up to the GoFundMe community to decide which campaigns to donate to."

At press time, the campaign had garnered $6,035 toward the $1 million goal. Donations had come in from 177 individuals over the course of 11 days, including $1,000 the artist himself contributed to get the campaign started. (If the $1 million mark is reached, GoFundMe will keep more than $79,000 in fees.) While this may appear as a major publicity stunt for a falling singer-songwriter, B.o.B has long aligned himself with Flat Earth conspiracies.

Just last year, he ignited a Twitter feud with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson over the topic, which eventually led to diss tracks released from both sides.

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