T-Pain Debuts-Five New Songs With Dubset

Oh yes!,Top is not forgetting the last time T-Pain announced the upcoming project and it seem is already rendering some fire very hot one.T-Pain is now a new anticipating Hip-Hop star who is setting that awaiting album but that's coming on November which the close falling as we updated on 08/10/2017 .What the album name,OBLiViON on is the new T-Pain project name and is coming on November 17.T-Pain also pend his studio working in the past consecutive two year now and i think it should sound that good news that he is igniting this year 2018 with a new hot tracks links which we are about to talk about.

This singer is actually a true star by minding to give out a new five tracks to keep his fans that busy.T-Pain is teaming soon with Dubset to light the internet with five tracks which we gonna list out the few in the line.You want to hear something about T-Pain and Dubset,well the fact is that the track is out but we are not streaming it here on Top all you need is to switch over to I-Tunes for the streaming.

“When I heard about Dubset I thought it would be a great way to get some never released acapellas into the hands of some dope producers/remixers,” T-Pain told Billboard. “Dubset delivered records that I can’t wait for my fans to hear.”

“We believe deeply in the talent of the DJs and producers that we work with every day at Dubset, so it’s an honor to be able to offer them the opportunity to collaborate with a star at the level of T-Pain,” said Liz Miller, vice president of talent at Dubset. Check out the track list and stream the songs below via Spotify.Below is the track named of  T-Pain Feat.Dubset.

  • 1. In The Air – Crankdat feat. T-Pain
  • 2. In The Air – Trouze feat. T-Pain
  • 3. In The Air – Bad Royale & KillaGraham feat. T-Pain
  • 4. Do Wrong – UZ feat. T-Pain
  • 5. Do Wrong – Bad Royale feat. T-Pain
We have changed our mind,stream the tracks of T-Pain and Dubset below. Why Streaming you can check below suggestion
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