People Living In Beverly Hills at Los Angeles area Hate Justin Bieber and Don't Want Him To Have any Accommodation there

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Justin Bieber is undergoing that difficult as the people living in Beverly Hills at Los Angeles area band together to accept him as long as he is seeking for a residency over their.Source told us that Justin Bieber has his money to pay any safe accommodation at least he can afford to pay the ransom of  $100,000 per month to any good house he gat over there.

Justin might not know why they are doing this to him but sour also told that he is looking for a very big estate to rent in.It was also clear that there was many mansion in Los Angles for him to have but the issue is that none of the land owners/Landlord are able to agree to give out the accommodation for him just in Beverly Hills.

Top as well record that Justin Bieber have encountered some wrong doing to the area that makes the the owners of the big Beverly Hills properties ditch out with all cost.Source further more explanation by saying that "You would think that they would want the cachet of having him at their homes--and Justin is offering $100,000 a month for places that aren't anywhere near worth that,"
as we received so far according to Page Six.
The source claims that the ban stems from Justin and his entourage's reputation for "trashing his rental homes and then being difficult when it comes to paying for the repairs." "So instead he's become a resident at a hotel, where the well-heeled guests have been doing double takes seeing him at breakfast on his own with his tattoos and baggy pants," explains the source.

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