Offset Set His Proposal To Cardi B at Powerhouse Philly Concert after rumor

Offset Set His Proposal
How is actually going with this Two guys after we reported them or fans imposing rumor show that Cardi B and Offset is no more on Set.This likely to happen to celebrities but this type of Proposes is actually telly what it means to two people who are in love are understanding themselves.

Cardi B Offset and Cardi B's ex who we welcome back from the prison and fans pointed that Cardi B is gonna leave Offset because of her ex been out of the prison.source also made us to know that Card B assure the ex that she will help her to hand on feet any time he gets out from prison was was rumored after it prior that Cardi B and Offset are no more nabbing each other's back again although there was some series of twitter post from fan show their reactions over Card B and Offset slash on social media.

Now during the night at Powerhouse Philly Concert,the show is such a wonderful encounter with Cardi B and Offset and it also prove that rumored new wrong even if Offset didn't propose to her at least they dating celebrities are link up show together and this actually show no difference but explaining that the diva and his man Offset are still sitting together to gather the bad and nasty thought of the people ditch out in their relationship.

has officially Updated us with this new surfacing on their broadcast website.This was extremely suprise as the rapper came to the Powerhouse Philly Concert with a diamond ring that illustrate what it mean and what it us use for.You know when you about to do a proposal,the person whom you have in mind will not catch your mind on what you are about to do and that was exactly what happened to  Powerhouse Philly Concert last night with Cardi B and Offset.October 27 has mark the day Offset propose to Cardi B and it has been noted down.

She was very happy when the rapper brought out the diamond ring from no where in from of the whole crowed proposing to Cardi B.Although this was awesome to her and she screened and jumped on stage  in excitement as the sold out crowd watched the rare moment. Cardi was seen holding off tears as she embraced Offset with a tight hug soon after.Watch the video below as TMZ reported them spotted them leaving the super bow while the video show up on Twitter and IG.

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