Nicki Took A Payment For a Collage Fan After Paying $20,000 for Student In Grade A's to 4.0

Nicki Minaj this months has taken another great moment to one of her fans in terms of financial situation.About 5 months ago Nicki Minaj promise to pay $20,000 for student who acquired grad A's to 4.0 as updated with her on May.Today Nicki has set another immense although this time she took it to a specific fan who seek for help.Pedro Velazquez is a collage student who announced that Nicki Minaj helped him clear some of the debts in his school. Nicki Minaj pays $1,069 to Wilbur Wright College on his behalf, The Chicago Tribune reports.
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"I sent her a tweet saying. 'Are you able to help me out with what I owe?' which was like $1,069. And I never thought she was going to see it, but I just tried. And then she did respond to me and I was shocked," Velazquez told the Tribune. "She doesn't know my situation, but if she was to know, I'm sure she would be really happy that she did that for me."

"I didn't want to be just working and not have an education, which is why my parents I'm sure brought me to this country, for me to get an education," he said. "I didn't want to waste the opportunity here, and so I wanted to make a better me."

Nicki Has always been of the celebrities who valued their fans and this not the first time she's doing this for good.the collage brother was extremely happy with her and as for Nicki she continue to set that record for herself as a good female rapper.see the post official from her IG account.

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