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kendricklamar DAMN TOUR
Kendrick Lamar European Tour  has a new date.Are you part of K.M ‘DAMN’ album,if so i think you all gonna suck this as Top unveiled a date for Kendrick Lamar European Tour.After the success of his album called ‘DAMN’the rapper has then promise to shoot out the first tour in European just for his fans.

We also remember his previous tour in Miami on September 2nd and it shouldn't be a new secret that he is done with Miami yet he is declaring another one.However,Kendrick Lamar with the overview tour is going to took place in Europe and this has made us know that if you are in Euro you gonna hits with Kendrick Lamar as the tour fall in the area.

Now,where is the tour taking place in Euro,the tour of K.M is set to start from Dublin, Ireland on February 7, 2018 and make stops at major markets like Birmingham, Manchester, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and more as source reported with us.

I think we got some depicting for you to peek on

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