Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Car Robbed

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian car report
Top-stars might be reporting this so lately but this misdemeanor is regarded as one of the nasty victim that slashed the internet talking and talking.what actually hit up with Kanye West and Wife Kim Kardashian has become one encounter they undergoes after last year Kim was reportedly with rubbery encounter.It never seem that hogwash but the couple have to give thanks for escaping this wrecked attitude from no name rubber.This action also surfaced in most of online broadcasters but the news was served as a goodness because the couple was save indeed.

One the couple luxurious vehicle victimized as the rubber trying to catch with the Kim and West although report coming from TMZ made us to know that the person in question was unable to actualize his dream against Kanye and King but he left with i-Phone that never belong to Kanye West or the wife but belongs to the staff member,the report has it.This was happen around   4AM this morning at their Bel Air mansion and insider disclosed to Top that the couple wasn't around during the juggernaut force from the rubber.

investigating about this incident security guards also followed up and the rubber managed to escape but never left with his face on the camera and source cleared that his face was grab on the security camera and will trace.

The report also says that he didn't stop there. Later on, he tried to trash a car at Kathy Griffin's place who lives next door to the Kardashian-West's. Again, he didn't really leave with much except for a purse. It seems that he was out of luck considering that the purse was ditched at a nearby location. The thief is lucky none of the security guards did him like Uncle Phil did Jazz.

In other Kanye West and Kim Kardashian news, Kim recently confirmed that she's delivering her third child. Considering the fact that rumors have been swirling for a while and the Kardashian life is one to be publicized, in a trailer for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" she revealed to her sister Khloe that they'll be having their third child. Prior to that, there wasn't an actual confirmation from the couple but websites like TMZ have reported on it through their sources.

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